Benvenuti a Pofi

Welcome to Pofi

If you are looking for an authentic experience away from the most famous tourist destinations, Pofi is the perfect place for you: a pretty village located in the heart of Ciociaria, rich in history, traditions, culture and natural beauty, which certainly deserves to be visited.

Its enchanting hilly landscape is known throughout the province of Frosinone. The hill of Pofi was poetically defined as "pleasant" by Giovan Battista Marino in one of his sonnets. The town stands on an extinct volcano and this peculiarity ensures the extraordinary fertility of the soil. Horticultural production is flourishing in the area, which gives the village the name of "Sanremo della Ciociaria".

The historical, artistic and cultural heritage is very rich. One of the main points of interest in Pofi is the Prehistoric Museum, an important museum structure in lower Lazio and Italy, which preserves one of the oldest Italian fossil finds: the skullcap of the Ceprano Man, “Argil”, found in the area by the prof. Italo Biddittu in 1994. In the historic center, next to the clock tower, stands the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, a true architectural jewel dating back to the 13th century, a treasure chest of faith and history. Also worthy of mention is the Romanesque Church of Sant'Antonino Martire, located in the "La Cupa" district, frescoed with scenes of Hell, Paradise and Purgatory inspired by Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy.

For nature lovers, Pofi offers numerous opportunities to explore the beautiful surroundings. You can hike along the trails, enjoying the panoramic views and fresh country air. Furthermore, nearby, there are also the Circeo National Park, the Monti Aurunci Natural Park and the Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park, particularly suitable for trekking and outdoor adventures.

The gastronomy of Ciociaria and Pofana is tasty and delicious. Here you can taste traditional dishes such as homemade pasta with fresh local ingredients, seasoned with tasty sauces, delicious cheeses produced in the surrounding farms, meats, cured meats and local wine.

In the surroundings of the Municipality of Pofi: the speleological sites of Pastena and Collepardo, the Longhi-De Paolis castle of Fumone, the natural reserve of the lake of Posta Fibreno, the Cascata Grande in the city center of Isola del Liri, the garden of Ninfa, the cathedral of Anagni, the Trisulti charterhouse, the abbeys of Casamari, Fossanova and Montecassino.